The Broker Advantage

Cobecon works directly with brokers to help provide mid-market employers a highly customized benefit plan. We work side-by-side with our partners to ensure the highest possible savings, plan efficiencies, and customer service levels by utilizing the latest technology to integrate benefits, human resources, and payroll administration into one seamless platform.

Cost Savings

Customized health-plan designs, integrated wellness programs, along with healthcare acquisition and risk management strategies that will drastically reduce your healthcare spending. We work with your team to give you a better plan at a better price.

Plan Design & Flexibility

A health plan designed to meet your company’s needs doesn’t come pre-packaged. You’ll work with our team to understand all your options, and get creative to design a custom healthcare plan, resulting in the best components that address your needs.

Consultative Resources

We understand the complexities of today’s healthcare system and have experts to guide you through each step of the process. Our team is there to help you design, implement, and administer all the parts and assess performance to keep your plan on track.